Rossin kilpapyörä 220e

Myy ja vaihda täällä kaikkea fillareihin liittyviä juttuja. Vaihteilla tai ilman. Laita aina ilmoitukseen missä myytävä tavara sijaitsee ja mitkä ovat noudon lisäksi mahdolliset toimitustavat. Hintapyyntö on pakollinen.
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Rossin kilpapyörä 220e

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Italiainen vintage kasari-Rossin kilpapyörä myynnissä ylimääräisenä.
Vaihteet ja laakerit Campagnolo, jarrut Shimano600, kammet SuperMighty. Pyörällä ajettu juuri Wauhtiajojen 100 km kisa.
Avovanteet, rullaa kevyesti.

Koko ST 56,5 TT 57

Rungossa käytön jälkiä, mutta ei syviä klommoja tms. Originaali maalipinta by Dupont System

Nähtävissä Helsingin Tapanilassa tai sopimuksen mukaan Eerikinkatu 44.

Tomi Asikainen

Hinta 220e / tarjous
PS Tuosta nopea tiivistys Rossin-pyörien syntyhistoriasta:

Information about Rossin

Rossin is an Italian classic bicycle manufacturer founded in 1974 and from the beginning it’s had one aim: to win. In doing so, it has become one of the leaders in cycling design and engineering.

In 1973, disagreements arose between Vittorio Ghezzi of Itla and Colnago, after they facilitated Baronchelli’s move to Scic instead of promoting Ghezzi’s new professional team. This fuelled Ghezzi to challenge Colnago and set up a company to manufacture highly competitive bikes. He recruited Mario Rossin, who had worked for many years at Colnago and was a wielding genius. The creative Inzaghi joined them, along with Domenico Garbelli, and Ghezzi’s son. Rossin was officially born on 14th September 1974.

Initially, Rossin bicycles was competing in amateur races and making a reputation for itself from the ground up. It wasn’t until 1977 that Rossin bikes made their professional debut at the Laigueglia Trophy as part of the GBC Itla racing team.

Over the next couple of years Rossin grew in size and reputation and in the early eighties started sponsoring the professional Belgian racing team Daf Trucks, led by Roger De Vlaeminck. Every year that went by allowed their expertise and experience to grow, leading them in 1983 to provide track bikes to the national teams of Russia and America. The bikes were were the first models ever to be equipped with disk wheels (launched by Rossin in the same year), horned handlebars and sloped upper-tube frames.

The competitive accomplishments and refined expertise runs through every Rossin bicycle that is manufactured. It is why now they are still a leader in innovation and bicycle manufacturing. The craftsmanship and history that comes with Rossin bicycles makes it by far one of the finest manufacturers we have at Steel Vintage Bikes.